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Interactive Map

Due to problems with the designated network operators cabling that provides energy to streetlights, the following roads are experiencing problems with their street lights:

Affected roadDate reported to the energy providerEnergy provider
Cherry Orchard Road, Col 025 + Ped Cross S01609/01/2018UKPN Dead Service
Church Road, Col 01216/03/2018UKPN - Low Voltage
Church Street, Fairfield, LC1610/10/2016UKPN awaiting bus stop/lane suspension
Cunningham Roundabout, Column N1027/11/2017Dead UKPN Service
Cunningham Roundabout, Signpost S001 opp Lodge Lane17/10/2017UKPN Dead Service
Goat House Bridge, Column N127/11/2017Dead UKPN Service
High Street, S. Norwood, Column 00310/01/2018UKPN Reconnection
Newgate, Col N1 ------ Feeds 057 Wellesley Road11/01/2018Dead UKPN Section Fault
North End / Crown Hill - signs S001+S002, Fairfield10/10/2016UKPower Networks
Ravensdale Gardens; Column 00516/02/2018UKPN - Dead Service
Talbot Road; One-Way Signpost NS00316/02/2018UKPN - Dead Service
The Lindens, Col 02112/01/2018UKPN Dead Service
Wellesley Road - Col N57 & Sign NS020 ----- Fed from Col 01 Newgate11/01/2018Dead UKPN Section Fault
Woodbury Close, Column 00124/05/2017UKPN Dead Service

This fault has been reported to the designated network operator and we will continue to liaise with them to ensure this problem is rectified as soon as possible.

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